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Ingenious e-Brain Solutions provides high-quality, customized and cost-effective intellectual property research, business research and market research solutions to industry leaders, law firms and innovative companies across the globe.

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IP Newsletter June-2017


Healthcare June -2017



Augmented Reality- Rises

Evolution of Augmented Reality

AR provides information and entertainment that overlay […]

IP Day 2017

World IP Day-Webinar

26th of April is celebrated as World Intellectual Property Day to learn about the role that intellectual property rights play in promoting innovation.



Patentability / Novelty Search

A Patentability search is performed to determine the novelty and non-obviousness of an invention. Novelty is one of the most important criteria that decide whether an invention can be considered to be patentable.  Keeping this in mind, we conduct an extensive search of the entire patent and non-patent literature to unearth any technologies or work that falls in the same purview as that of said invention or brief disclosure given by the client.This kind of search is usually effective when an invention is still in its developing stage so as to assist you in determining a strategy for a patent application in the future.Besides providing insights into already existing technologies, a novelty/patentability search also helps you to assess position in the market.



Technology licensing

With the support of our global technology partners, we assist our clients in Technology Transfer, Technology Evaluation and Research & Development. Our technology transfer and licensing facilitates all SMEs to upgrade their technologies with possibilities of R&D collaborations, training’s, and joint ventures globally. We help industries to be competitive with innovative product portfolio and sustained growth opportunities.



Technology / Opportunity Landscape

Technology is a progressive area, the graph will […]


Healthcare March -2017



Healthcare February -2017



Healthcare January -2017



FDA’s Final Rule For Quicker Generic Approvals

Dr. D. C. Tayal, Ingenious e Brain Solutions, explores the implementation of […]


India: Enforcing IPR: An Imperative Need For Making India A Success

In today’s competitive and dynamic environment, Intellectual property rights (IPR) has been […]


Securing Internet of Things

Ingenious e-Brain Solutions will host free webinar discussion on “Securing Internet of Things” to cover the challenges in security in Internet of Things (IoT) devices and explore security innovations. The IoT is transforming the way both operational and strategic security decisions are performed. The pervasive connectivity of the IoT has increased the security risk in embedded devices than ever before. To add on, the complexity of IoT devices is further multiplying the difficulties of security. Many companies and academia are innovating in the IoT security space and pursuing patent protection. This growth and applicability of IoT will require watchful consideration of IPR for new IoT security endeavors.



Healthcare July -2016


Article Published on Patenting Software

IEBS recently […]


Recent Innovations for Improving Soil Quality

Ingenious e-Brain Solutions is celebrating World Soil Day by inviting IP and R&D colleagues for attending an interesting webinar on top technical innovations for improving soil quality.



Protecting Software Patents in the US

Ingenious e-Brain Solutions will host free webinar discussion on “Protecting Software Patents in the US” followed by a Q&A session.  The webinar will provide participants to understand what need to do to obtain and protect their software related IP.



2016 IPO Annual Meeting – Intellectual Property Owners Association

Date: 11 September 2016 – 13 September 2016

Location: New York, USA

Ingenious e-Brain Solutions is […]


Healthcare June -2016


Healthcare May -2016


IP Newsletter May -2016


World Environment Day Celebration-June 2016

Over the last 20 years, there have been 1.2 million granted patents […]

Trademark Opposition

Trademark Opposition

Typically within three months from the date of publication (extendable by one month) of the mark, any person may initiate opposition proceedings against the subject mark. We support our clients in preparing, elaborating, drafting and filing an opposition, or a reply to an opposition.


Trade renewal

Trademark Renewal

A trademark protection is valid for a period of ten years and it needs to be periodically renewed for a period of every 10 years. If the trademark is not renewed before the expiry of its due date then it gets removed from the register. We provide assistance to our clients in renewal of their trademark docket records at trademark registry office.


Trademark Watch

Trademark Watch

Our trademark watching services allow our clients to uncover potential conflicts involving newly filed trademark applications across the world. Trade mark watching prevents the registration of new trademarks, which are identical/similar to the existing trademarks of interest.



Trademark Filing & Registration

We guide our clients through the proper channels, thus allowing them claim ownership of their mark fast and easy. Our company has a thorough understanding of the strict procedural guidelines and the determination it takes file and register a trademark. Also, we collaborate with our international partners help our clients in availing trademark filing and registration services internationally.


Trademark Search

Trademark Search

Our experienced trademark team is capable of performing efficient and unparallel trademark searches and providing search reports detailing identical/similar trademarks with accuracy and precision.



IP Docketing & Paralegal Support

IP Docketing Management & Consulting

We have been managing Patent, Trademark, Copyright and other IP matters of our clients in their docketing systems over past couple of years across different docketing platforms.



Recent innovation in HIV diagnosis using PCR amplification

Ingenious e-Brain Solutions will host webinar on “Recent innovation in HIV diagnosis using PCR amplification” followed by a Q&A session on the following dates. HIV PCR tests are far more sensitive than Antibody/Antigen tests, have fewer false positives and negatives, and are therefore considered the Gold Standard of tests for HIV. In recent years, many exciting diagnostic developments have been observed regarding early detection and decentralization of HIV testing.



PCSK9 in Cardiovascular Disease

Ingenious e-Brain Solutions will host webinar on “PCSK9 in Cardiovascular Disease” followed by a Q&A session on the following dates. PCSK9 (Proprotein convertase subtilisin/kexin type 9) inhibitor is causing a major upheaval in pharmaceutical sector especially Amgen’s Evolocumab and Sanofi & Regeneron Alirocumab. The initial trials demonstrated superior levels never seen before and making it as the hot new drug target to treat cardiovascular disease. […]

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CRISPR/Cas9 Gene Editing Tool

IEBS invites you to our webinar in the latest genome engineering technology, […]


Effective Patent Searching for Startups

IEBS invites you to our webinar on “Effective Patent Searching for Startups” followed by […]