Patent prosecution describes the interaction between applicants and their representatives, and a patent office with regard to a patent, or an application for a patent. Patent prosecution can be split into pre-grant prosecution, which involves negotiation with a patent office for the grant of a patent, and post-grant prosecution, which involves issues such as post-grant amendment and opposition.

Our key Patent Prosecution services are:

  • Patent Drafting

Patent drafting is the most important document in the entire patent registration process. Patent drafting is a process of writing of patent claims, specifications which plays a vital role during course of its prosecution. Claims are the heart of a patent, and claim construction is an art and it requires a fine balance between the legal and the technical aspect. Here at IEBS While drafting a patent application we perform several in-house Quality Checks to make sure that all the features of the invention are covered and to ensure that all the possible variations of the idea/invention are covered in the description of patent.

  • Patent Drawings/Patent Illustrations

For Better understanding of invention drawings plays a important role. Drawings are integral part of patent and While submitting a patent application drawings illustrating your invention must be provided. More accurately the drawings are presented in the patents, the more clearly your ideas will be conveyed. Here at IEBS our team is equipped with latest software tools for accuracy. Our illustrators have an experience of preparing drawings in all technical fields.

  • Patent Filling & Prosecution (India)

Our registered patent agents help our clients in filing their provisional and regular application at Indian Patent Office.