Service Description

Freedom to Operate/ Clearance Search is a jurisdiction-based search. Since patents have limited time span, scope (claims) and countries. A FTO / Clearance Search helps you to evaluate whether the proposed product or process has the freedom to operate in a particular country. It can be conducted at any point of product life cycle to determine the direction of product development and to get the product cleared for marketing in the desirable country. This type of search is strictly a jurisdiction-based search that establishes whether or not, you can legally commercialize your product, targeting a specific market only. After the product’s key features have been approved by Client, an extensive search is conducted to focus on the scope of the Patents as well as (pending) Patent applications, solely in the country where you plan to market your product.

Why Us?

Our customized Freedom to Operate search report provides mapping of product features with respect to the claimed elements of the potentially relevant patent references. We provide you with calculated expiry date and a Legal status for each Prior art shared with the client, along with graphical representation of your competitors, their patented work.