Service Description

Due to advent of latest Molecular Biology techniques number of sequences filed in patent documents are increasing with a high momentum. Majority of the sequence listings present in the patent documents are the sequences used for diagnostic purpose such as EST sequences and probe / primer sequences; treatment purpose such as natural / synthetic genes / peptide sequences and siRNA sequences; and genes / proteins involved in specific biochemical pathways such as genes /proteins responsible for biofuel / industrial enzyme production.

Our biosequence searching team is well equipped for conducting all types of sequence searching (exact, subsequence and using all industry standard databases such as REGISTRY / CAPLUS / DGENE / PCTGEN / USGENE databases hosted by STN and Genome Quest. We are experienced in conducting sequence-searching projects for the following Biotech / Pharma domain-related biosequences:

  • Probe / primer sequences
  • Antibody sequences
  • Gene / protein sequences involved in biochemical pathways
  • Therapeutic peptide sequences
  • Vector sequences
  • Mutated gene/protein sequences
  • Analogous sequences for identifying corresponding mutation locations
  • miRNA / siRNA sequences