Service Description

The importance of social media and its branding has evolved as critical channel for brand promotion for modern business. The indices of social media research are quite different and unconventional and are facilitated by deep in-depth monitoring and analytics. The digital ecosystem is witnessing a tremendous transformation with consumers/ customers using a public digital forum to talk about your brands, products and services which have an accumulative impact on your company’s brand value and reputation.

Ingenious e-Brain Solutions offers extensive social media monitoring services that assist the client in tracking any news, blogs, comments, discussions, or reviews about its brand, services or products in the social domain, and understand the general consumer opinion. Online resources we monitor periodically include:

  • Social Networking websites viz. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or Google+
  • Micro Blogging sites
  • Product Review websites
  • Online News Stands
  • Blogs and Public Discussion Boards

Based on these analyses, we develop a comprehensive understanding of opportunity for marketing and provide an in depth insights on the discussions, concerns, and expectations from their social media audience. Our key research solutions encompass:

  • Periodic social media monitoring and analytics
  • Monitoring consumer voices
  • Monitoring competitor voices
  • Customized Social Media Audits
  • Identifying and Profiling key opinion leaders